The Built Environment
The Conference will explore challenges facing the built environment and how to address this challenge in a sustainable manner. This will include the provision of suitable and affordable housing to address the housing deficit, the provision of affordable, safe and reliable transportation, building livable towns and cities.  The issues of sanitation and waste management as well as flood control within our cities and towns will also be addressed under this theme.

Agriculture and Food Security
The conference will create a platform for experts to engage in how to mitigate major constraints affecting agricultural productivity and food security. This will include research results for improving soil fertility, reducing post-harvest losses, and improving the processing of food, etc.

Environment, Energy and Human Health
This will explore the issues and technologies as well as the advances to improve and make more efficient conventional energy sources and also renewable energy technologies to contribute towards the addressing the energy deficit. It will also involve contributions towards addressing the issues of the degradation of the environment through human activity such as contamination of soil and water, deforestation and mining and its implications for human health, food security etc.

Entrepreneurship and Cross Cutting issues
The conference is open to developments in other cross cutting areas including issues related to human health, entrepreneurship etc.. The conference will also address the challenges in attracting funding for research as well as commercialization of results of research.